Before submitting a support request, please see below for answers to most common inquiries:

1. What is my password? / How do I reset it?

Unknown or forgotten passwords for a DataMotion SecureMail account can be reset at login page
or by clicking here. This will generate an email containing a link to select a new password.

2. I am unable to open the link in the notification.

If you have received a SecureMail Message Delivery notification but unable to access the link,
or if you are unable to access the SecureMail portal directly at,
it is usually due to your company's security policy or firewall settings.

Make sure you are using the latest version of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers.

If you are connected through a proxy or a VPN, disconnect or attempt to access the portal from another network,
where access is not restricted.

If possible, check with your IT department directly to request adding
to the list of safe/allowed websites within your company's network.

3. Why am I receiving a secure message?

If you have received a secure email from a DataMotion customer and have questions about the content of the message,
such as test results, application status, access to their specific portal, records, invoices or regarding adding/changing
message recipients, please contact the original sender directly.

4. I am unable to see my message when I log in.

If you have received a SecureMail Message Delivery notification but unable to see the message in your Inbox when you
log into the SecureMail portal, check the 'Message Details' section of the delivery notification for message expiration date.
If the message has expired, you will need to contact the original sender to request having it resent.
Also, make sure you are logging in using the email address listed in the 'To' field.

5. My message has expired or has been deleted. Can you resend it?

If you need to have a secure email resent to you for any reason, please contact the original sender directly.


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